Season 1: Tennessee

For our inaugural series we traveled to Nashville and interviewed one of the most profound chefs of our era, James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock. Brock has been living between South Carolina and Tennessee for several years and recently adopted Nashville as his home. Our podcast host, Candice Herriott Townsend became overwhelmingly curious in search of the answer to the question, “what was it about this food community that was so special to inspire Sean Brock to permanently move?” This question set into motion an epic culinary adventure, getting behind the scenes of the Tennessee food community. She and podcast producer Max Trujillo road tripped across the South to interview the makers, growers and producers Brock outlined were instrumental to the success of the region and has been known to work closely with over the years...


Something ELSE About Food

Every city across the country is full of restaurants, farms, fishing companies and chefs who have made a name for themselves, the difference between being known and being noteworthy is in the details of their work, life and existence. It can be seen in the sweat, tears, joy, passion and the intention by which they live everyday. 


My job is to help share those stories through pictures, stories and content. Award winning restaurants and chefs are able to create exceptional dishes when they source from quality and conscious growers and producers. Sharing their stories is my mission.


Something ELSE About Food offers services for companies and individuals in need of professional photography, content creation, social media training, branding, creative marketing campaigns and speaking engagements...


Join me!

Sunday, January 27th

for our Something Else About Food podcast release party

5:00pm - 7:00pm

@ the Hotel Bella Grace

The evening will be filled with live music, flavorful bites and amazing sips thanks to the support of some special friends who are among our favorite and most celebrated chefs and establishments in our home city!

Food prepared by:
Chef Vinson Petrillo, Zero George Restaurant
Chef Mark Keiser, Oak Steakhouse
Chef Owners: Leila & Tito Marino, Embers and Ashes Catering
Chef Matt Canter, The Establishment
The Darling Oyster Bar

Signature Cocktails provided by:
Virgil Kaine

Title sponsor of the Tennessee podcast series:

Mise en Place PR

Our gracious host who helped to make the entire evening possible:
Hotel Bella Grace


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