The mission of Something ELSE About Food: The Podcast, is to showcase unique and interesting food communities, get behind the plate and dig into what makes them noteworthy. Each series’ story is framed by an award-winning chef, centered on a great food destination, who have earned their accolades because of access to unique, high quality produce and proteins from regional producers. We want to share the dedication and passion of a regions’ chefs, makers, farmers and fishermen with our interviews and social media spotlight. This podcast will offer unrivaled insight to the inner workings of these successful culinary communities, and aim to inspire food lovers across the country to visit and experience these areas as travel destinations, where through their experiences, they in turn will be supporting the communities and guests personally, taking home unforgettable tastes and memories.

Your host for this podcast, Candice Herriott Townsend, is based in Charleston, SC, a culinary “capital city” recognized internationally as a top travel destination. In between travel-oriented series, the show will highlight the Lowcountry region and interlude with topics that the host is passionate of and inspired by. 

Candice is a food writer and photographer who began in the food and beverage industry when she started the CHSFoodWriter food blog and social media handle. In 2018, Candice wrote, photographed, and published her first mass-market book, Provisions To Plate: A Charleston Seasonal Collective. In the same vein as the Something ELSE About Food podcast, the book shares the stories and recipes of 20 chefs, farmers and fishermen in and around Charleston, SC. She spent an entire year photo-documenting each farm, building relationships in the community and working closely with each contributor to weave a story illustrating the look, feel and taste of the Lowcountry throughout each season of the year. Her platform’s purpose is to shine light on amazing places and the deserving, fantastic people that elevate them to noteworthy status. 

For Something ELSE About Food, Candice has teamed up with Producer Max Trujillo of the North Carolina Food & Beverage Podcast based in Raleigh, N.C. Max brings passion and an unparalleled amount of creative insight and production expertise around the hospitality industry, which he has been part of for over two decades. He is passionate about learning, exploring and sharing his love for all things food and beverage with his family, friends and podcast audience. He is the creative and production powerhouse behind several podcasts and other media productions. 

About the Producer

Max Trujillo began his career in the restaurant industry as an 18-year-old server in San Jose, California. He worked for an upscale bistro in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He definitely started from scratch as a wine professional, when after his first table ordered a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, he had to ask the bartender, "Which is which?"


While figuring out the difference between red & white wine, Max was passionately chasing his dreams of being a rockstar. At 20 years old, he moved south to Los Angeles, where he paid the bills as a bartender for the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group. There, he started to develop a passion for wine. After five years with Wolfgang Puck, and various bands and performances all over Los Angeles, Max took a position as the Wine Director and Manager at the iconic Café del Rey, in Marina del Rey, California. About a year later, he met Matthew Weiss and they started their obsession for great wine.


Eager to further enhance his wine education, Max took a position at Southern Wine and Spirits (now Southern Glazer's), California's largest beverage distributor, where he earned his certification as a sommelier. Max’s reputation and wine knowledge preceded him and he soon became courted by many National distributors, ultimately taking a position with Jackson Family Wines.

After seven years in the wine business, Max was missing the fast-paced excitement of working in a restaurant. He was also interested in the burgeoning food scene in North Carolina. In 2013, Max to Raleigh, NC where he worked at Midtown Grille and Standard Foods before deciding to pursue podcasting full time! He now produces several podcasts, including his own, the North Carolina Food and Beverage Podcast, as well as The Holderness Project and now Something ELSE About Food: The Podcast.

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