The Nashville Series

The Nashville Series

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For our inaugural series we traveled to Nashville and interviewed one of the most profound chefs of our era,
James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock. Brock has been living between South Carolina and Tennessee
for several years and recently adopted Nashville as his home. Our podcast host, Candice Herriott Townsend
became overwhelmingly curious in search of the answer to the question, “what was it about this food
community that was so special to inspire Sean Brock to permanently move?” This question set into motion
an epic culinary adventure, getting behind the scenes of the Tennessee food community. She and
podcast producer Max Trujillo road tripped across the South to interview the makers, growers and producers
Brock outlined were instrumental to the success of the region and has been known to work closely with over
the years. Interviews and stories include those of Allan Benton (Benton’s Country Hams), Roy Milner
(Blackberry Farm Brewery), Jeff Poppin (The Barefoot Farmer) and Leanne and Bill Cherry (Bear Creek
). While on this food adventure, she serendipitously met and worked with Chef Chris Stallard (Flyte)
and got connected with Giving Thanks Farm.


5 days. 1,100 miles. 7 interviews. Visits to: a smokehouse, a beef and hog farm, produce farm, brewery,
world-famous resort, guitar studio, endless cafes for coffee and photoshoots, a top notch restaurant, many hours of talking, many hours of farm walking, impromptu guitar jam sessions and more. It was an
amazing and life changing adventure. From our journey across the state, we now know why Sean Brock planted his
family’s roots in Nashville. We felt the love he has for his new food community and explored the lives of the
interviewees, glimpsing into the amazing and special bond that is woven throughout the entire region.


Series 1 - Nashville, Tennessee (and supporting regions)
Episode 1- Chef Sean Brock
Episode 2 - Allan Benton (Benton’s Country Hams)
Episode 3 - Barefoot Farmer / Giving Thanks Farm
Episode 4 - Bear Creek Farms
Episode 5 - Chris Stallard of FLYTE
Episode 6 - Blackberry Farms with Roy Milner & John Coykendall

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